Apr. 3rd, 2017

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The SWG's April 2017 Newsletter has been posted!

Back to Middle-earth Month 2017 “Night and Day” has ended, and numerous stories and pieces of artwork have been completed or are still being worked on. Over thirty creators have taken part in this year’s B2MeM, and we had over 280 fanworks posted, mostly on LiveJournal but also some on AO3, on Tumblr. A good number are also posted on the SWG archive.

On the 15th March we launched our current “Strength and Beauty” challenge. If you want to take part in this challenge, please head to our newsletter where you will find more information about this prompt and our Challenges guidelines. Also, don’t forget that April is International Poetry Month!

For the character biography this month, Oshun writes about Arwen. Largely relegated to the margins of the story, Arwen nonetheless represents a strength that is "intellectual, psychological, and spiritual," according to Oshun's biography this month, as well as serving as a symbol of the simultaneous waning of one people and rise of another. Arwen presents the usual thorny questions of how women are presented in the legendarium, compounded by a well-known film depiction that stretches the bounds of the canon.

Looking for something to read? A large number of stories, essays, and poems were added or updated on our archive during the past month of March. If you want to know what’s happening in the wider world of fandom, our Around the World and Web section includes recent articles of interest, fandom events, and calls for papers.

As always, many hands and minds go into making our newsletter possible. Thanks this month go to Oshun, Elleth, Russandol, and Angelica for creating and compiling our newsletter content.


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