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SWG Strength and Beauty Challenge March 2017

Yesterday our Strength and Beauty challenge closed with eighteen stories and works of art contributed! Below is a list of all of the challenge entries for Strength and Beauty. All links to stories go the Table of Contents, where you can view ratings, warnings, author's notes, and additional information about the story. If you like a piece, please consider letting the author or artist know by leaving a comment.

Artanis to Alatiriel: Earweniel's Homecoming by Kaylee Arafinwiel. Written for B2MEM 2017 and the March Strength and Beauty challenge: loosely linked tales of Galadriel's welcome in Alqualonde at the end of the Third Age. Idril remembers, as she walks on the shore of Alqualonde. Some time after Idril greeted Galadriel at the quay (see "Itarilde and Tani"), they, Elwing, and Nimloth get together for a good catch-up. They don't intend to run into Galadriel's uncles (and aunt) at the tavern...Lindar s the term the Teleri use for themselves.

A Cloak of Magic by LadyBrooke. Thuringwethil was once an elf, and perhaps she will be again.

The Elf at the Bottom of the Garden by Himring. Could Amras, son of Feanor, and Haldar, Haleth's brother, have met?
I think they could--well, in my 'verse, at any rate. Another glimpse of the early history of the Haladin, also featuring a very young Haleth. Written both for the "Strength and Beauty" challenge at SWG and for the Ambarussa day of Feanorian Week (Tumblr), although it features only Amras.

Feanor Never Planned to Fall in Love by Erulisse. I made an original artwork from charcoal and pastels for 2014's B2MeM. It was entitled "Feanor Never Planned to Fall in Love". Now, three years later, I have developed the story behind that picture. Here's the full effort - Feanor Never Planned to Fall in Love in illustration and text.

A Garden of Plots by LadyBrooke. Nimloth is reborn, builds her own house, and starts a garden.

The Golden Dancer by Lyra. Fëanor first sees Indis as she practices a traditional Vanyarin spear-dance. Fascination turns into life-long antipathy. Inspired by the B2MeM prompt, "when he first stood near her and recognized her dimly through the shadows, like one who, at the beginning of the month, either sees or thinks he has seen the moon rise through clouds." ~Vergil, The Aenid

'the hidden paths' by hennethgalad. Orodreth and Curufin in Nargothrond.

In Arda Fair by Tyelca. Two brothers and their thoughts about Arda.

In Wisdom by just_jenni. Melian wrestles with her feelings about Elu Thingol and laments some of her decisions concerning the Doom that befell them.

A Light in the Heart by NelyafinweFeanorion. Written for Feanorian Week 2017. Day 1: Maedhros: A view of Maedhros, just after the rescue from Thangorodrim. Fingon's perpective.

Molten Copper by Fernstrike. This is artwork and an accompanying drabble. It's for both the SWG March 2017 Challenge and for Fëanorian Week :-)

Noldolantë – Maglor’s Lament by oshun. This is an micro-essay and a banner created as an extended introduction to a fic-rec list pulled together to celebrate Maglor’s Day on the Fëanorian Week celebration on Tumblr and initially inspired by the SWG Strength and Beauty March 2017 challenge.

One day in Doriath: Strength and Beauty by hennethgalad. the relationship between Celeborn and Thranduil, the engagement of Celeborn and Galadriel.

She walks in Beauty by lindahoyland. Varda has not forgotten Middle-earth.

Still by LadyBrooke. Findekáno thinks Maitimo is beautiful, through life and into death, though not always how others think of it. 7 connected drabbles.

Strength Bestows Beauty by oshun. SWG March 2017 Strength and Beauty Challenge, B2MeM 2017 (blue path/artwork/secondary colors/Tolkien quote), Fëanorian Week Tumblr 2017 - Day 1- Maedhros - > Adjusting/Coping, Beauty

That Blow to Your Leg by LadyBrooke. Caranthir does not trust easily and does not love easily, but Haleth told him in a different world they would be perfect. 7 related drabbles.

Things of Beauty by LadyBrooke. Thingol bargains for a necklace, the dwarves make a crown to scare dragons, and Narvi decides to make up for Celebrimbor's failings. Three linked drabbles.

A few housekeeping details ...

I want to once again recognize and thank from the bottom of my heart [personal profile] oloriel, whose efforts on behalf of our new challenges--particularly in making the beautiful stamps that we use to reward creators and reviewers--has been such a huge help to me these past two months.

The new challenge will be announced on the 15th, which is Saturday. I will also update stamp collections this weekend. If your collection is incorrect on Monday the 17th, please drop me a line at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org (or leave me a comment here), and I will correct it.

Late challenge entries are welcome but do not receive stamps. However, review challenges never expire! And Lyra made lots of beautiful reviewer stamps this month, just sayin' ... please go show our creators some love and, if you like their work, let them know!


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