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The SWG's August 2017 Newsletter has been posted!

Like every summer, we celebrate Akallabêth in August, during which we invite you to discover or re-read stories, essays and poems about Númenor and the Second Age posted in our archive. We also invite you to participate in our Silmarillion 40th Anniversary Compilation. We also invite you to participate in our Silmarillion 40th Anniversary Compilation. This month the SWG mod team welcomes our four newest members.

Our latest challenge “Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song” asks you to choose a song from our list of song prompts and use any aspect--the title, the lyrics, the music, the video--to create a story about romantic or sexual love.

Our character biography this month is Haldad, by Oshun. In a rare reversal of Tolkien's usual modus operandus, August's character of the month is best known for his relationship to a famous... woman: Haleth.

Are you looking for something new to read? Our newsletter lists all the stories, essays, and poems added or updated on our SWG archive during the past month of July. For information on what is happening within the wider fandom world, our Around the World and Web section is crammed with recent articles of interest, fandom events, and calls for papers.

As always, our newsletter is only possible through the contributions from a team of SWG volunteers. Join me in thanking Oshun, Elleth, Angelica, and Dawn for creating and compiling our newsletter content this month.


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