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Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song Challenge

Below is the list of stories and art created for the Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song challenge. Please remember that "late" entries are more than welcome--they just don't receive stamps. Do check some of them out (or go wild and read them all!), and if you like what you see, please consider commenting to let the author or artist know.

And They Say He Was Lost ... by Robinka. A drabble for the SWG challenge “Just an Old-fashioned Love Song”, inspired by “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. Back when things were better.

Far From The World We Know by Himring. At the top of Elwing's white tower. Earendil has landed, back from traversing the pathless sky, and Elwing has flown to meet him.

For Love of Silver Stars by LadyBrooke. The sun’s dying rays faded over Doriath for the first time, and Lúthien looked at Nimloth.

Into the Deep by Hrymfaxe. Fanart showing "the relationship between Ulmo and The Sea."

I've Hungered for Your Touch by Oshun. Caranthir is offered a chance to read an unpublished diary entry. It’s a copy of a recently discovered ancient manuscript apparently written by Haleth the Hunter. It’s a follow-up to my previous story The Manly-hearted Woman, but can be read independently of that one.

New Directions. part two. by hennethgalad. in part one, the crew of Eärendil were sent back to Beleriand from Valinor in a new ship. in this part, the wind changes for the Ainumanä and the crew meet some strangers.

Picking Up the Pieces by Grundy. After the Fall of Gondolin, Maeglin's more than a little broken. Is there any hope for him?

Ride the Night to the End by Silver Trails. The story is set a few days after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. It's written from Maedhros' POV.

Stolen Evenings by Tyelca. A collection of short stories, each one focusing on a different pairing sharing one (stolen) evening.

Swans by Dawn Felagund. Against Maedhros's wishes, Fingon is off to a summer retreat in the mountains, a retreat designed by the Valar for newly reembodied Elves. Amid games of kickball and group therapy, Fingon makes a friend, discovers the Noldor haven't actually invented everything, and begins to grasp the complexities of his post-reembodiment relationship with Maedhros. Maedhros/Fingon, set in my Republic of Tirion verse.

Up Where They Belong by Lyra. A Justification of a Homoromantic Reading of Maedhros and Fingon.

Your Song by Kaylee Arafinwiel. "But Lúthien came to the halls of Mandos, where are the appointed places of the Eldalië, beyond the mansions of the West upon the confines of the world. There those that wait sit in the shadow of their thought. But her beauty was more than their beauty, and her sorrow deeper than their sorrows; and she knelt before Mandos and sang to him..."

Some housekeeping notes ...

I have caught up on the document where I track stamps. I'm going to be updating collections and uploading them, a few per day, for the next week, so they should be finished by next week. (I regret how far behind I've fallen on this, but it has been quite the summer!)

Remember that you can always claim stamps for reviewing, but if you need a stamp for a challenge before May's "Hero's Journey" Matryoshka challenge, please let me know by comment, email, Great Eagle ... whatever, I'm pretty easy to find.

Because I'm also late in posting this links list (getting the trend here?? ;), then the new challenge will be announced tomorrow, on Tuesday. It will be a lower-key challenge since we already have Silmarillion40 and the annual Akallabeth in August challenges running as well.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to a few people who have really done an incredible job of commenting on the stories and art produced for our challenge. First of all is Oshun, who is the first person to reach 50 comments on this year's challenge stories! I want to recognize also a few people who have reviewed at least one challenge story or artwork every month so far this year: Himring, Lyra, and Oshun. Thank you so much for your encouragement of our authors and artists!

And the biggest shout-out goes to Lyra, who not only makes all of the stamps but keeps my late-running, disorganized butt in line. Seriously, these challenges would not be half as well-run as they are without your help, Lyra--thank you!
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