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August 2017 Challenge Song of Exile

"But it is most likely that you shall fly from the Land of the Star with no star to guide you; for that land is defiled. Then you shall lose all that you have loved, foretasting death in life, seeking a land of exile elsewhere. But east or west the Valar along can say."

~The Silmarillion, AkallabĂȘth

Create a fanwork about exile or exiles. About being exiled. About the people who are exiled. About the decision to exile, the leavetaking, the consequences. About metaphorical or symbolic exile.

You may use the AkallabĂȘth quote as your prompt, or feel free to comment here suggest other quotes, artwork, or popular media that addresses the concept of exile. (Or jealously hoard your prompt to yourself like it's magical jewelry!) Or use no prompt at all--anything goes this month!

(If you love your prompts, I've posted an initial set as the first comment.)

August is traditionally the month that the SWG celebrates fanworks about the Second Age. Second Age fanworks are, of course, welcome for this month's challenge, but it is not required that you set your response in the Second Age.

To receive a stamp, your fanwork must be posted to the SWG archive on or before September 10, 2017. If you're new to our challenges, you can find the full challenge guidelines here.
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