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Our September 2017 newsletter (which marks twelve uninterrupted years of SWG newsletters holy crap) can be found on our website!

September 2017 newsletter

First of all, Oshun has delivered another of her exhaustive and thoughtful biographies, this month on Anárion Son of Elendil. If you thought there'd be little to say about a guy who literally says nothing in the books ... well, Oshun's biography proves that is quite incorrect. In true Tolkienian fashion, Anárion is more important than his role in the books suggests and is ensnared in all matter of issues, from key themes to thorny questions of his status compared to his brother Isildur.

This month, we are all wrapped up in challenges. The Song of Exile challenge is ongoing, and Silmarillion40 is now less than two weeks away from beginning. We also extend a warm welcome to eight new members who joined last month!

If you're looking for something to read, check out the list of more than three dozen fanworks posted to and updated on our archive last month. Around the World and Web is hopping this month, with new articles of interest, as well as challenges, moots, festivals, and calls for papers related to the Tolkien fandom. And if you have not seen it already, make sure to check out the Hurricane Harvey Fanaid Auction.

Many thanks this month to Oshun, Elleth, Angelica, and Russandol for writing and putting the newsletter content together! Go check out their hard work!


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