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SWG challenge song of exile

If you are interested in receiving a stamp for this challenge, there are four days left to finish and post your fanwork to the SWG archive. Fanworks are due on the archive (LJ/DW for fanworks other than writing or podfic) no later than September 10th to be eligible.

If your Silm40 story is also an entry for this challenge, it must be received by me no later than September 10th. Of course, you won't be able to post it to the archive right away, but I'm happy to count it and award you your stamp. Please let me know if it is a challenge entry; I'll be shuffling dozens of fanworks over the next few weeks and can't be trusted to remember anything at this point!

If you still want to jump on board, here is the prompt:

Create a fanwork about exile or exiles. About being exiled. About the people who are exiled. About the decision to exile, the leavetaking, the consequences. About metaphorical or symbolic exile.

See this post for member-submitted prompts related to exile, if you want more inspiration.

Song of Exile stories can be found here. Please consider letting the author know if you enjoy their work!

And if you're just joining us, full challenge guidelines can be found here.
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