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Back to Middle-earth Month (B2MeM> is an annual Tolkien fandom "holiday" that runs through the month of March. Every year, a group of volunteers from the Tolkien fandom get together to plan a month-long event celebrating the creativity in our fandom. We aim to encourage participants to stretch their wings creatively, enjoy writing and art outside their usual comfort zones, and meet new friends from around the fandom.

Every year's event is different, and this year, we will be putting together a compilation of stories and art based around the theme Seasons of Middle-earth. Participants will sign up to write or create art around one of the prompts, and during the month of March, we will reveal one or a few pieces each day. There will also be a review challenge to encourage our readers to show their love to those participating in this year's event! :)

I have recently posted the guidelines as well as this year's prompts. At this time, participants may claim one writing prompt and one art prompt. (Obviously, you don't have to claim both! :) The prompts were the collaborative effort of this year's B2MeM mods, and I can attest that they are pretty awesome. They are also going fast, so I suggest checking them out soon in order to get the pick of the litter! :)

If you'd like to sign-up to participate in this year's event, you can find the guidelines here:


And you can see the prompts and pick the one you want here:


If you have questions about this year's B2MeM event, please comment on the first link above, or you can email the B2MeM mods at b2mem.mod@gmail.com.


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