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Title: Precious Things
Author: [personal profile] elvenpiratelady
Rating: Teens.
Warning: Angst and foreboding, but nothing explicit.
Summary: Drabbles about the women whose lives were touched by the Silmarils.


Nerdanel )

Lúthien )

Melian )

Nimloth )

Elwing )
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Title: Love In Exile
Author: Oshun
Rating: G
Characters: Maglor, other
Maglor and his wife spend their first night in exile. A drabble and a half--150 words; originally written for the HASA “Anti Valentine Day's Quickie Challenge.”read )
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I joined the com earlier today, and I'm glad to find a place where Silm fics are written and discussed. This is the first fic I wrote for the [profile] 50lyricsfanfic    challenge. I claimed "The Silmarillion - Of Turin Turambar", thus signing myself up to write fifty fics about Turin and other characters in his story. I've written twenty-one so for, and I'll probably post all of them here eventually. All of them can be found at The Lyrics Table.

Title: Conflagration
Chapter: n/a (oneshot)
Author: [personal profile] elvenpiratelady   
Characters: Nienor, Glaurung
Prompt: 018. you took me in and you drove me out, yeah, you had me hypnotised; lost and found and turned around, by the fire in your eyes
Rating: General
Summary: She had thought the void empty, but the darkness is alight. [Nienor, Glaurung]
Author's Notes: My first try at this sort of thing. Dedicated to [profile] b2wm.
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 I know that not all of you who were lovely enough to make me icons before Christmas asked for something in return. But, I decided to write you all a drabble each anyway. I can’t do pretty icons but I can do drabbles, I think :) They do however get angstier as they go along.

Patricia, I know you gave me an icon before I asked but I thought it only fair that you received a drabble as well. It is Maedhros’ point of view and called Hope


Nienna, your drabble is non-elfy, it is a bit odd and takes place sometime after the end of the War of Wrath.


Tarion, your drabble is about Elladan’s choice but more melancholy than angsty I hope.


Agie, this is the best I could do…. Not too angst just…weird… I think (enis claimed it was cute if that counts). It is about cats… sort of…


Riina, yours is, as requested Thranduil. Starting with his father’s death.

The dead marshes

Jane, for you I wrote the death of Aegnor in a sort of abstract way…

The sharp flame

Jai, yours is a very dark Maglor drabble which Enis claims is creepy…

A harp

I was... )
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What a coincidence that the December challenge should fit my latest efforts in Silmfic-dom!

Title: Burdens (Wondering, A Necklace, Coimas, A Book, A Sword and a Ring)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] allie_meril
Rating: General
Warnings: Angst
Genre: Drama/Tragedy
Summary: The Noldorin exiles carry many things with them on their way to Arda. (Drabble series.)

Wondering )

A Necklace )

Coimas )

A Book )

A Sword and a Ring )

Notes )
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Generally, I do a daily drabble based on the word of the day, leading me to have quite the collection of drabbles and versions thereof. And so here's a new one and some of my old favorites.

Title: First Day at the Forge
Rating: General
Notes: Written for the New Beginnings challenge at [livejournal.com profile] drabble_madness
First Day at the Forge )

Title: At the End of the Day
Rating: General
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] allie_meril
At the End of the Day )

Title: Nargothrond
Rating: General
Nargothrond )

Title: To Wander Home
Rating: General
Warnings: Character death.
To Wander Home )

Title: The Price I Paid
Rating: General
Warnings: Violence and character death.
The Price I Paid )

There are lots more where those came from, but I'll save them for another time. (Although, if you're masochistic enough, I have all of my daily drabbles tagged here.)
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Hello all!

I present you with a double drabble written for [livejournal.com profile] dawn_felagund 's birthday! Cross posted with [livejournal.com profile] house_of_feanor  and my journal, so apologies for redundancy...Wait, I take it back! I'm not sorry! ;)

Title: Our Little Secret

Author: [livejournal.com profile] tarion_anarore

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I own nothing, yet, but I've set up a bank account that shall hopefully accumulate enough in interest so that I can buy Feanor from Mandos...surely he doesn't want him anymore after all this time, right? ;) Until then, Tolkien owns the characters...


Our Little Secret )


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Title: Voices of Despair
Author: ford_of_bruinen (ford_of_bruinen@yahoo.co.uk)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: No characters in this belong to me.
Feedback: I am open to all feedback, if you find linguistic, grammatical, plot or canon errors that you want to point out then please do so, I will be eternally grateful for all feedback given.
Summary: 18 Drabbles and 3 Double-drabbles on the theme Despair. Silmarillion based.
Read more... )
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Ouch. These are two drabbles (which I admit I have mixed feelings about, at least when I'm writing them myself!) because they are all I had time for today, (yesterday, now!) I was too lazy to write any of my longer stuff and I needed to write. It got all a bit weird on me though, Maglor appears to be going through a bitter stage! The first is Maedhros after Thangorodrim, the second one sort of answers the 'What would Maglor have done?' challenge at the Silmarillion Writers Guild, or rather, it's Maglor speaking just after Maedhros dies, and so maybe it doesn't.

It's grim and it made me want to kick the pair of them. Hard. What is it with Fëanorians anyway, or is it just mine? Either way, it's so damned angsty it made my teeth ache *mutters*

Warning for a very oblique reference to a M/M relationship.

Compassion and Regret )
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Yesterday, Marta Layton came up with an idea for a drabble with a sexual theme. Okay, I know everybody out there is working on theirs, and that's why it's so quiet this morning! Anyway, I have NEVER written a drabble before, but I jumped on this one like Feanor on Nerdanel before Maitimo was born, and okay, I know it's lame, but, hey! It's my very first one!!

So here it is. I'm cross-posting it to SWG so you can delete it if you want from there. It's called:

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Uli asked me to post this here - so I am! One Maedhros drabble, by request!


The flames dance in the corner of my eyes, unavoidable, no matter how I try. They dance and taunt me - I should have tried harder to sway my father from this course of action. I failed and now all I can do is stand aside.

Yet who am I to sway my father from anything? Never has he listened to council, going so far as to drive my mother away. I am but the first of seven sons, an heir by virtue of good timing. Or bad, perhaps, for what am I heir to now, but blood and grief?

I understand my father’s quest, his love of that which he created. I understand it and I will aid him as I have sworn. Yet here, now, as I feel the heat on my body and the smell of the White Ships burning I think only ‘we should not have done this’.

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In answer to [livejournal.com profile] jilba's question for the "Ask a Character a Question" challenge, I wrote three drabbles. The drabbles are from Macalaurë's perspective and answer the following question, proposed by Jillian:

Why didn't you rescue Maedhros; why did the poor chap have to wait for cousin Fingon to go get him?

For those who do not know, drabbles are short pieces of fiction that are *exactly* one hundred words in length. They are my new hobby in an attempt to curb my loquacity rambling lengthiness in writing. Not that I am going to stop writing long stories--I don't think I can--but it is good to be able to change hats every now and again.

Title: Oaths Sworn
Author: [livejournal.com profile] dawn_felagund
Rating: General
Warnings: none

Oaths Sworn )

This is cross-posted to my personal journal as well. Apologies for any redundancy.

Comments are always appreciated. Also, [livejournal.com profile] nelyo's post brought up another good question: If Maglor had been placed in Fingon's position as Maedhros' rescuer, what would have he have done?

::opens nuzgûl hutch:: Feed, my pretties! >:-D
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Title: True Silver

Chapter: not applicable (single drabble)

Author: Marta (melayton@gmail.com)

Rating: G

Warnings: heterosexual relationship (Celeborn/Galadriel) but not sexual

Genre: Romance

Summary: Celeborn's first impressions of Galadriel in Doriath

Author's Introduction: Hey guys. I do not usually write fic set exclusively in the times of the Silmarillion, though that backhistory often plays a part in my stories. So setting a whole story, even a drabble, in the First Age is new territory to me. I'm mainly interested in canonical stories. Is there anything here that contradicts what Tolkien wrote? Also, I'm interested in technical things. How would you improve this piece? (Keep in mind that it's exactly 100 words for a reason.)

Related Links: At my LJ, http://www.livejournal.com/users/martal0712/ . Will soon be at my personal site, http://www.freewebs.com/aure/

Read more... )


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