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Apologies for those who have seen this already, but this is important, and I want to make sure all of our members are reached, as many are affected. The website ebooks-tree.com has been "scraping" fanfics from AO3, UrBookLibrary, and Wattpad to host as mobi and PDF downloads on their site. This has been done without the authors' permission, and a lot of people are understandably upset at what amounts to the theft of their work. AO3 has stepped up and responded quickly to take measures to make it harder for this site to continue to do this on AO3, but several Tolkien fandom authors have had their work stolen. The AO3 Tumblr has information on how to send a DMCA takedown notice on your behalf to have your work removed from the site, if you find it there and wish to have it removed. AO3 notes that the ebooks-tree.com DMCA page erroneously claims that you have to have a lawyer do this for you; this is not correct.This is your work, and you can advocate on your behalf to have it removed, should you wish to do so.

Please see this post for more information:


And please help spread the word to groups and fans who have not been informed of this already.


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