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As some of you may know, I am presenting a paper in about a month's time at the New York Tolkien Conference. The paper will concern how we writers of Tolkien-based fanfic use the historical bias suggested in his books as an inspiration for our stories. Here is the abstract from the NYTC website:

Abstract )

I am hoping my fellow writers can help me with gathering some information for my paper.

1) If you consider historical bias (the fact that the in-universe narrators of the books might have made mistakes, slanted the stories to present a particular character/group in a particular light, or even outright lied) when writing your stories, please let me know!

2) I am interested in any recommendations of stories and authors who do this: who offer alternative readings of the texts on the basis that the in-universe narrator could not have known everything, might have made mistakes, or might have distorted facts or lied.

3) And finally, I am interested in any meta that considers these topics.

I have many ideas of stories and authors, of course, but I'd like to offer a broader example than just those I'm familiar with. Also, any Tolkien-based fanfic--not just Silmfic--is welcome. Comments are open here, or you can email me at DawnFelagund@gmail.com or PM me in the usual places.


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