Date: 2017-08-08 12:14 am (UTC)
dawn_felagund: (silmarils)
You're not being ridiculous at all! Thinking of a question almost guarantees that someone else is thinking it and too shy to ask. :)

1. Prompts are absolutely not secret. I was even going to put the names of who claimed what on the public list but figured that if someone needed to drop out, that might cause some embarrassment. (Even though it shouldn't!) Anyway, I figured it best to keep assignments just among the mods (also handy since we can keep contact info side-by-side with the person assigned to each prompt), but that does not in any way obligate participants to secrecy.

2. Formatting bold and italics is wonderful. It's honestly the most time-consuming part of doing HTML on a document for me (aside from footnotes, which won't be an issue here). Just let us know when you turn in your story if you've done any HTML so that we're not reinventing the wheel or looking through the whole document to make sure that it's been done throughout.

Basically, what I want to avoid is people who don't know HTML or don't know how to do it well to feel like they should at least try because they'll be making our lives easier. It doesn't. Fixing broken HTML is a huge pain in the neck, whereas the SWG newsletter ensures that I am pretty swift at marking up a document even when it's fairly complex.
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