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Note:  This isn't a story.  I was pleased to see Fingolfin was getting a month to himself, but having a strange inability to write the Silmarillion characters I like best it seems doubtful I'll manage to come up with a story.  I therefore decided to mark the month by writing a short appreciation of Fingolfin, explaining why I like him

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So what if Finwë had done the sensible thing and run away with the rest of the inhabitants of Formenos when Melkor and Ungoliant dropped in for tea?

Descendents of Finwë Part 26: Finwë himself )
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I can't think of much to say about Galadriel, except that the more Tolkien wrote about her, the more shiny and perfect he made her (see 'Unfinished Tales').

Descendents of Finwë Part 18: Galadriel )
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There is so little in the Silm about Aegnor that I decided to post his piece today as well, for a sons of Finarfin double-bill.

Descendents of Finwë Part 17: Aegnor )
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The sons of Fëanor aren't the only ones who need to go to anger management classes.

Descendents of Finwë Part 16: Angrod )
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As I contemplated writing something about Orodreth, I felt the will to live rapidly draining from me (the same thing happened when I tried to write about Turgon), so with apologies to Orodreth fans, I won't write an introduction for him.

Descendents of Finwë Part 15: Orodreth )
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He was noble, brave and a man of his word. Who wouldn't like Finrod Felagund (except Sauron, of course)?

Descendents of Finwë Part 14: Finrod )
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Fingolfin's youngest son, Arakáno, is described as being the most impulsive of the brothers in 'Peoples of Middle-earth', but Fingon sure set him a good example to follow.

Descendents of Finwë Part 10: Fingon )
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Today we leave the House of Fëanor and start on the House of Fingolfin, and I'll begin with Fingolfin himself - such a wise and sensible fellow...

I am a little curious about one thing, though: why did Fingolfin take the lordship of Dor-lómin away from Fingon and give it to a mortal instead? What was so special about Hador?

Descendents of Finwë Part 9: Fingolfin )
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The Silm has so little to say about Amrod and Amras that I'm including the generic 'Sons of Fëanor' section in today's post, which contains all the quotes for the Sons of Fëanor being referred to as a collective and when all their names are mentioned in the same paragraph.

There were a couple of interesting points that the 'Sons of Fëanor' section reminded me of, and I wondered if anyone had any ideas about them:
1) Was Formenos to the east or the west of the Pelóri mountains in Valinor?
2) Why did Turgon vow 'to march never at the side of any son of Fëanor' only after the second Kinslaying?

Descendents of Finwë part 7: Amrod and Amras )

Descendents of Finwë part 8: The Sons of Fëanor )
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Like Celegorm, Curufin is often dismissed as simply evil by Silm fans, and it's a reputation he did try quite hard to earn...

Descendents of Finwë Part 6: Curufin )
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In which Caranthir objects to the appearance of Dwarves, gets rich, and acquires some untrustworthy mortals

Descendents of Finwë Part 5: Caranthir )
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Celegorm is presented as a rather unpleasant sort of fellow in the Silm, but he had his good qualities too!

Descendents of Finwë Part 4: Celegorm )


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