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Title: Without the Walls
Author: Clotho
Rating: General
Characters: Fingolfin, Finarfin, minor appearances of Angrod and Aredhel
Post Silmarillion story, in which Fingolfin makes a fresh start and later discusses Valar (in)action with his younger brother.  Builds on my belief that that the events of the First Age would have lingering consequences, and on some of Tolkien's late life musings about Valar motives

Story )
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Title: Mercy
Rating: Teens

Warning: Some people may find the subject disturbing or even offensive.  The reasoning behind it was that Elves from Valinor who know they will be resurrected (such as those from the Host at the end of the Silmarillion) are likely to have a somewhat different attitude to death from that of mortals, or even that of  the exiled Noldor and the Elves who had never left Middle-earth.

Summary:  A snippet, composed as the opener to a longer story about Elrond which may not get written.  As the whole thing may never see the light of day I thought I'd post this opener to mark Elrond month.  Set during the cleaning up after the destruction of Angband.

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Title: After the fall
Rating: General
Characters: Finduilas, Gwindor

Summary:  After the Halls of Mandos some reunions are bittersweet

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Title: Requiem
Rating: General
Summary: Turgon reflects after his father's death.  
Note: This short was meant to be for Fingolfin month but ended as a bit of a Turgon character study.  Turgon is not one of my favourites, but I find writing this has made me a little more sympathetic towards him.
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Note:  This isn't a story.  I was pleased to see Fingolfin was getting a month to himself, but having a strange inability to write the Silmarillion characters I like best it seems doubtful I'll manage to come up with a story.  I therefore decided to mark the month by writing a short appreciation of Fingolfin, explaining why I like him

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Title:  Stones of Seeing 3 : Elrond Peredhel
Rating: General
Characters: Elrond, Nerdanel

Summary: Third in my trilogy exploring the history of the palantiri, which also happens to fit rather nicely with the character of the month challenge.  Early in the Fourth Age Elrond pays a visit.

The Story )
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Title: Day of Remembering
Rating: General
Characters: Gil-galad, Celebrimbor, Cirdan, others recalled

Note: I was in two minds about posting this, as the theme is one covered in one of my previous stories, but it wrote itself whilst I was thinking of Remembrance Day, and in the end I decided to share it

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Title: Wayland 
Rating: General (possibly a chill factor)
Notes: Not entirely canonical (and a bit of an experiment in style), this is speculation linking elves, barrow-wights and an Old English legend.   

Wayland's Smithy is a prehistoric long-barrow in the south of England, where a supernatural smith (once a Anglo-Saxon god) used to be said to shoe horses.  Nearby is the White Horse of Uffington, a chalk-cut hillside figure,also prehistoric.  I visited them both this summer, and the smithy is an atmospheric place.

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Title: Stones of Seeing 2: Tar Miriel

Rating: General

Warnings: Sexuality between first cousins (not incest in my book, but the characters aren't so sure). Arguably a mild AU.

Characters: Tar-Míriel, Sauron, Amandil, Elendil, Ar-Pharazôn.

Summary:  Second in a planned trilogy telling the history of the palantiri.  This one is set in the dying days of Numenor and explains how the stones came into the possession of Elendil.

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Title: The Downfall 
Rating: General
Summary: A quick take on one of the Silmarillion's best known open ends, what happened to Maglor?  Fits loosely with the Numenor challenge.

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: Lúthien's Tale

Rating: General

Warning: Flagrant slander of several Silmarillion characters, especially Daeron.  Slight alterations to canon.  Some non-explicit sexual references and a small amount of mild bad langage.

Note:  I rather regret there isn't more on Lúthien's point of view in the Simarillion (we know she loved Beren but we don't know why) so I tried writing it.  Somehow or other it all came out more tongue in cheek than I'd intended (possibly [personal profile] tehta's Thingol had something to do with that), so I don't ask you to take it seriously.

ETA: Edited to fix some formatting errors.

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Title: Four storylines that never happened (but might have done)

Rating: General

Explanation:  An experimental piece writen for the AU challenge.  It starts by changing one thing, and then gives four different possible consequences.  I tried imitating The Silmarillion style in this one and found that it's quite a lot harder than it looks!

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Title: A Time to Heal

Rating: G

Characters:  Gil-galad, Celebrimbor, briefer appearances by Elrond and Cirdan

Summary: At the begining of the Second Age Gil-galad must decide what to do about the surviving Feanorian followers.  Can the Noldor be reconclied?

Note:  This story follows the HOME12 version of Gil-galad's origins.

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Title: Stones of Seeing 1:  Vardamir Nolimon
Rating: General
Characters:  Elros, Vardamir (Elros's son), Nerdanel

Summary: At the end of his reign Elros receives a visitor

Author's note: I'm planning two more stories on the history of the palantiri, but I'm not sure whether they'd be eligible for posting here (if I get them done).  One is set during the last days of Numenor, the other is in Valinor at the begining of the Fourth Age, (but the only LOTR character is Elrond).  Guidance would be welcome!

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Title: Footnote to the Akallabeth

Rating: General

Warnings: Some criticism of the Valar

Genre: Somewhere between humour and serious

Summary: The reaction of some leading Noldor to the attempted invasion of Valinor and what the Valar did about it...  Qualifies for Finarfin Appreciation Month, I think, although I wrote it some time ago.


Footnote to the Akallabeth )

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I am a new member who has only recently got bitten by the Silmarillion writing bug, and am accompanying my first posting with a short piece of writing.


Title: No Place of Safety

Rating: General

Warnings: None really

Summary: A short piece set late in the First Age with Gil-galad and Celebrimbor.

Note: This story follows HOME 12 in making Gil-galad the son of Orodreth and grandson of Angrod.


No Place of Safety )


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