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Title: Into the deep
Artist: hrymfaxe
Genre: Fanart
Warnings: None
Characters: Ulmo/the sea

Prompt from the Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song Challenge: Ghost Love Score by Nightwish - and more specifically this part of the lyrics:

Scent of the sea before the waking of the world
Brings me to thee
Into the blue memory

Artist note: When I read those lyrics I was immediately reminded of this lovely story by [personal profile] pandemonium_213: Ulmo's Wife, and its wonderful mix of science (evolution) and the world of Tolkien, not to mention the relationship between Ulmo and The Sea. This is more like an illustration of Pandë's story than an original idea of mine, so credit goes to her along with my thanks for the inspiration.

Another idea employed here is that of the Valar being able to change their form, so Ulmo starts out man-shaped, but ends up as specks of light floating in the embrace of his lover.

Link to post at my DW journal
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Title: Molten Copper
Artist/Author: Fernstrike
Genre: Fanart/Character Study
Rating: Gen
Characters: Maedhros, Fingon
Relationships: Basically Maedhros/Fingon
Notes: This is artwork and an accompanying drabble. It's for both the SWG March 2017 Challenge and for Fëanorian Week :-)
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Title: And then he spoke
Artist: hrymfaxe
Genre: Fanart
Warnings: None
Characters: Huan and Luthien

"I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change…I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back…."
– Erica Jong

Artist note: Knowing his own fate, that he can speak only three times before his death, taking the leap and speaking that first time must have required courage from Huan.

Link to my own journal
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Title: a thousand years above her
Author: [ profile] moetushie
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Past character death
Summary: Írimë lives again.
Notes: Written for International Fanworks Day 2015, for the prompts: The Circle of Life, New Beginnings, and Traditions. Thank you, [ profile] ladyelleth for beta-ing!

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Title: Fallen through the Cracks
Author: [ profile] hhimring
Rating: Teens
Warnings: Very mild sexual references (slash, femslash)
Summary: On the Ice, Lalwen makes a disturbing observation...
A crack solution (pun intended) to the problem of some of Tolkien's missing women. Crossover.
Written for International Day of Fanworks Challenge: for the following prompts:
Beyond the Circles of Middle-earth, The Color of .., Season of Change.
(c. 1050 words)

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Title: Green Like Hope

Author: Elleth

Rating: General

Warnings: Mentions of arguments and an oblique reference to Maedhros's conception. No details on either of that, though. A little teenage angst.

Genre: Romance, I guess.

Summary: Nerdanel and Fëanor, the earliest days.

Author's Introduction: I don't think that there's anything that should be mentioned from my side, except perhaps that the story is rahter 'layered', but you'll notice that while reading. I'd welcome constructive criticism (no beta, unless there are glaring errors I did not catch) to this piece as it was rather experimental.

Since Dawn mentioned that old stories could also be entered into the challenge, here's one. I wrote this to participate in the Ring*Con writing contest and thought I might share... hope you'll enjoy it, even though it is a little weird and/or abstract.

(My apologies if some of you know it already, since I posted this story in my journal a few weeks ago.)

Disclaimer: J.R.R. Tolkien en káre eldain. I’m just playing.

Green Like Hope )

Acknowledgments: Thanks, [ profile] oloriel, for the encouragement, and [ profile] dawn_felagund for the feedback in my journal. :)
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Well, I did it, I wrote something. Not a massive achievement in and of itself, but given my lack of nerve/ability to write recently, it is for me.

This is a simple tale based on my reading a couple of people's advent challenges whereby ficlets are posted each day up to Christmas. I thought it was a lovely idea and an excellent opportunity to write something, a little at a time, without getting overwhelmed by it. Can't guarantee it'll be every day, but the plan is to write this in small chapters up to Christmas and have it finished by then. This is one story rather than a series of ficlets, just in itty bitty installments. I'm just letting it take its course, although I have an ending in mind. Muses being what they are, however, it might not be the ending that eventually gets written!

It features, of course, my beloved Maedhros and Fingon and also Maglor, as well as sundry others, possibly. Dunno, am just seeing where this takes me and having fun with it. Call it my gift to all those who I can't afford a pressie for this year.

It was also inspired by the December challenge:
"How did a character first discover his talent for music? Learn to play the harp? What important events in her life--weddings, festivals, first meetings, et cetera--were accompanied by music?"
and is cross-posted in my LJ.

Once Upon A Winter's Gift

Author: Mirien
Summary: Maedhros and Fingon at last are reborn and planning to marry (marry, I like marry), but Maedhros feels the absence of the brother he lost so very long ago.
Rating: Will vary, this chapter, G.
Warnings: Slash. Two male Elves in love. Also possibly mushiness and some angst.
Author's note: Advent story, sort of, to be posted in installments up to Christmas. Oh AND, I can't get the little accents on the Elvish names on this computer, hence Fingon's and Maglor's names lack their proper little doofreys over the a's.
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately. I tried to play nice.

One more thing. Been a while since I posted anything, so while constructive criticism is fine, please be gentle!

Once Upon A Winter's Gift - Chapter 1 )
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Title: Silence
Author: Aramel ([profile] aramel_calawen)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death. Public burning, though not too graphic. Shameless historical inaccuracy.
Summary: An inhabitant of a medieval town witnesses the death of a supernatural being. For the Halloween challenge, though it probably isn't what's expected.

Silence )

Edit: Did I get the Quenya right? I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have used fir-, which tends to mean natural death, but I don't know any other word for it.


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