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Unfortunately, the author who was signed up for the first day's Silmarillion40 prompt "The Creation of Arda" had a death in the family and was unable to fill the prompt. There is also an artwork scheduled for that day that has been received and that will make a stunning front piece for the collection, but it's the first day, and I'd love for there to be writing and art to kick off the Silmarillion40 celebration.

However, it's ridiculously short notice for what is one of--if not the--toughest prompt on the list for writing. So I had the thought: Why not put together a collection of drabbles and ficlets about subcreation by lots of different writers? Creating a drabble or a ficlet is possible for many people on even short notice, and I rather like the idea that the first writing entry for Silmarillion40 be not only about subcreation but a collaborative entry about subcreation--that seems to capture the essence of fandom in many ways.

Subcreation was Tolkien's idea from the essay "On Fairy-stories" that it is in our deepest nature as humans to want to create "secondary worlds." We are naturally creative beings. In the Ainulindalë, the creation of Arda is a subcreative act, and throughout the legendarium, characters subcreate constantly. I've put together a list of characters and topics that would work for this project.

Email me (DawnFelagund@gmail.com) or comment here with you email address (comments are screened) to request editing access to the document if you're interested in helping. (I probably won't grant access till tomorrow afternoon, fyi. Tomorrow is a workday.)

Thursday afternoon (EST) would be the latest to turn in ficlets for this.

If you're not already signed up for Silmarillion40, please make sure you read the Silm40 guidelines here before volunteering.
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