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"For of the Maiar many were drawn to his splendour in the days of his greatness, and remained in that allegiance down into his darkness; and others he corrupted afterwards to his service with lies and treacherous gifts."
~The Silmarillion, Valaquenta

Day Two of the Silmarillion40 event brings Melkor's corruption (or seduction?) of others of the Ainur into his service, an influence that will echo throughout the ages.

Young Gods by [personal profile] fernstrike. It began in Almaren - when the world was new, and the gods were young, and the World seemed full of possibilities. It began beneath the earth, under great halls, inside a dark mirror.

Just joining us? The Silmarillion40 is a collection of fan-created fiction, art, and poetry in honor of the 40th anniversary of the publication of The Silmarillion. For forty days, we will feature at least one fanwork, following the chronology of The Silmarillion. Find the full Silmarillion40 collection here.
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Happy 40th Anniversary, Silmarillion!

Today we are very pleased to announce the opening day of our Silmarillion40 compilation. Over the past couple months, about three dozen authors and artists have been busy creating more than eighty brand-new fanworks to celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Silmarillion. For the next forty days, we will unlock one or two fanworks per day and journey through The Silmarillion as told in fanworks.

Please check out today's fanworks and, if you like what you see, consider leaving the artist or author a comment.

Star Kindler by feanorusrex. Varda creates the stars. (Art)

Subcreation: A Collection by SWG Authors. Tolkien's theory of subcreation states that it is part of our deepest human nature to create secondary worlds. This collection of drabbles, ficlets, one-shots, and sketches follows the thread of subcreation across the span of the legendarium. (Ficlet Collection)
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Unfortunately, the author who was signed up for the first day's Silmarillion40 prompt "The Creation of Arda" had a death in the family and was unable to fill the prompt. There is also an artwork scheduled for that day that has been received and that will make a stunning front piece for the collection, but it's the first day, and I'd love for there to be writing and art to kick off the Silmarillion40 celebration.

However, it's ridiculously short notice for what is one of--if not the--toughest prompt on the list for writing. So I had the thought: Why not put together a collection of drabbles and ficlets about subcreation by lots of different writers? Creating a drabble or a ficlet is possible for many people on even short notice, and I rather like the idea that the first writing entry for Silmarillion40 be not only about subcreation but a collaborative entry about subcreation--that seems to capture the essence of fandom in many ways.

Subcreation was Tolkien's idea from the essay "On Fairy-stories" that it is in our deepest nature as humans to want to create "secondary worlds." We are naturally creative beings. In the Ainulindalë, the creation of Arda is a subcreative act, and throughout the legendarium, characters subcreate constantly. I've put together a list of characters and topics that would work for this project.

Email me (DawnFelagund@gmail.com) or comment here with you email address (comments are screened) to request editing access to the document if you're interested in helping. (I probably won't grant access till tomorrow afternoon, fyi. Tomorrow is a workday.)

Thursday afternoon (EST) would be the latest to turn in ficlets for this.

If you're not already signed up for Silmarillion40, please make sure you read the Silm40 guidelines here before volunteering.
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  • If you'd be willing to help out as a beta reader for the Silmarillion40 compilation, please let me know either by commenting here with an email address (comments are screened) or by emailing us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org to express your interest. As authors who need beta help let us know they are ready for a beta, we will send along summaries and other information to beta readers.

  • The question has arisen a couple of times now about the regular monthly challenges and the Silmarillion40 compilation. If you're creating something for Silmarillion40, it is totally okay to also use the monthly challenges as part of your Silm40 fanwork, if you want to. However, since you will not be able to post your fanwork before the deadline of the current challenge, then you will need to let me know that it is a challenge entry as well, and when I post your fanwork to the archive for Silm40, I'll make sure I label it accordingly. The fanwork must be received by us before the close of the current challenge to receive a stamp, however. In other words, since the deadline for the current Song of Exile challenge is September 10, then we must have your fanwork on or before September 10 if you want a stamp for the challenge. The same will hold true for the October challenge, when it is announced.

  • Speaking of stamps, I have finally caught up on the stamp collections. If something is missing or incorrect on yours, please let me know. (There is one stamp--5 Reviews for New Directions--that has not been added to anyone who has earned it ... because I have not made it yet! >.< I hope to knock this item off my to-do list in the next couple of days. And there are two new participants whose collections I need to put together still; those two will receive emails when their collections are ready.) I cannot thank everyone enough for your patience while I got caught up after a summer that proved a bit more chaotic than expected!
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Silmarillion 40 Compilation

If you've signed up for a prompt for the Silmarillion 40 Compilation and you'd like to claim more prompts, you can begin doing so today! Please continue claiming prompts by commenting on the Silmarillion 40 sign-up post or emailing us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org.

Please make sure to include the following information:

  • Your SWG username

  • An email address where we can contact you

  • Any prompts you'd like to complete (make sure to let us know if you plan to create writing or art for those prompts!)

The list of prompts can be found here.

Complete guidelines for the Silmarillion 40 event can be found here. Do not sign up until you read this page.
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Silmarillion 40 Banner

On September 15, 2017, The Silmarillion will celebrate its 40th anniversary of publication. It was Tolkien's life's work, it took more than his lifetime to publish, and it is the reason we are all gathered here, so we cannot let this occasion pass without a celebration.

In honor of The Silmarillion's 40th anniversary, we will be putting together a compilation of stories, poems, and artwork about--what else?--The Silmarillion. More specifically, we will post a story and/or artwork each day for forty days, beginning on September 15, giving a fannish retelling of this book that we all love.

What Is This Event?

We will be putting together a compilation of stories, art, and poetry that spans the entire Silmarillion. What is a compilation? It's a permanent, themed collection of fanworks, housed on its own section of the site, similar to an online magazine. A new fanwork will be released daily, beginning on September 15th and for forty days afterward. Read more... )

To Participate

  1. Please begin by familiarizing yourself with the full Silmarillion 40 guidelines on our site. By signing up, you are indicating that you have read and understand the guidelines, including the publication rights the SWG will acquire.
  2. Check out our list of prompts.
  3. Comment on this post (comments are screened) or email us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org and include the following information:
    • Your SWG username*
    • An email where we can contact you
    • Prompt(s) you want (please let us know if you will be writing or creating art for each)

*If you don't have an SWG account already, provide the username you'd like us to use. We will register an account for you when we post your work using the username and email address you provide.

If you'd be willing to collaborate with a person creating fiction/poetry or artwork for the same prompt, you can let us know that as well.

Formats of fanwork other than writing and artwork are welcome; please just let us know what you'll be creating and what you'll need from us (such as file hosting for a podfic, et cetera).

We will contact you to let you know the prompt you will be completing and remind you of the due date. If you don't hear from us within 24 hours, feel free to query.

If you'd be willing to pinch hit, please let us know.

Questions on this post are welcome as well. We may unscreen your question if it will be useful to others and doesn't contain personal/contact information.

Signal boosts are welcome and appreciated!


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