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  • If you'd be willing to help out as a beta reader for the Silmarillion40 compilation, please let me know either by commenting here with an email address (comments are screened) or by emailing us at moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org to express your interest. As authors who need beta help let us know they are ready for a beta, we will send along summaries and other information to beta readers.

  • The question has arisen a couple of times now about the regular monthly challenges and the Silmarillion40 compilation. If you're creating something for Silmarillion40, it is totally okay to also use the monthly challenges as part of your Silm40 fanwork, if you want to. However, since you will not be able to post your fanwork before the deadline of the current challenge, then you will need to let me know that it is a challenge entry as well, and when I post your fanwork to the archive for Silm40, I'll make sure I label it accordingly. The fanwork must be received by us before the close of the current challenge to receive a stamp, however. In other words, since the deadline for the current Song of Exile challenge is September 10, then we must have your fanwork on or before September 10 if you want a stamp for the challenge. The same will hold true for the October challenge, when it is announced.

  • Speaking of stamps, I have finally caught up on the stamp collections. If something is missing or incorrect on yours, please let me know. (There is one stamp--5 Reviews for New Directions--that has not been added to anyone who has earned it ... because I have not made it yet! >.< I hope to knock this item off my to-do list in the next couple of days. And there are two new participants whose collections I need to put together still; those two will receive emails when their collections are ready.) I cannot thank everyone enough for your patience while I got caught up after a summer that proved a bit more chaotic than expected!


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