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Aug. 16th, 2017 07:18 am
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I don't know why I'm so hard on myself, I really don't. Around 11:30 a.m. yesterday I started feeling panic because I hadn't yet started two important projects I had planned to tackle that morning. But then I made myself think back to what I had already accomplished since waking, and felt better:

* Fixed the shower head
* Showered
* Found some things Shiremom was looking for
* Went through two cartons and found places for everything
* Walked Pippin 3 times (once in the rain)
* Went through the mail
* Tried in vain to figure out what the switch in the hallway is attached to
* Tried in vain, for a third time, to get someone at the Social Security Admin. to answer the phone
* Ate breakfast and lunch
* Went online and printed out new voter registration forms
* Enjoyed reading recent posts on Dreamwidth and LJ
* Responded to sweet comments
* Found the light bulbs and set up a few lamps
* Moved my bed to a new position
* Sent two texts and one email

It's been less than a week since the moving van arrived, and Shiremom and I have a lot already. I'm proud of us. :)

alive and kickin' it

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:35 pm
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Yeah!!! Finished my Slashy Santa story and posted it. Had to change a lot of things. figured out what was making it seem flat, rewrote some bits and posted the sucker.

And not before I finished the beta I was doing on another story and sent it back to the writer. Depending on how she feels about the suggestions I made, I may not have anymore work to do on this exchange!

Feels good, I tell ya.

And I signed on for another challenge which is due SOON, so gotta start it. It's for the Silmarillion 40, to celebrate 40 years since The Silmarillion was published. I have more than a month to write a story based on a prompt that I chose from a list, so I should be able to get this done without stressing too much.

I'm also behind on 3 SWG challenges that I really, really wanted to do. One I've almost finished though.

In real life, what else happens but family drama? I must be getting used to it because the latest round didn't faze me anymore.

The thing that bothered me the most was Sean losing his glasses in the lake up at the cottage. It's his other grandmother's place in Coboconk, Ontario (yes, pronounced just like it's spelled-LOL), on the shores of Balsam Lake in the Kawarthas (that's a holiday region where there are a lot of cottages and resorts. It's very pretty.)

At least the poor kid had a spare pair of glasses at home (which his great-grandmother ran up to him amid much drama and I felt was unfair that it had to fall to her to do it-she's 80 ffs and didn't need the stress) and although they're older ones they still fit him and he can see out of them.

When school starts in 3 more weeks I'm going to apply for some of the school insurance which is really cheap (about $6.00 per year if I remember correctly but it's been a few years since I've purchased it). That will cover him for a new pair because our family insurance plan only covers new glasses every four years and he'll have to wait until January 2019 before I can get him some from that plan.

What else? My daughter is having issues. She suffers from clinical depression and it's hit her again hard because of a recent road rage incident that happened to her. I think she might move back here for awhile to calm down and bring little Jessica with her. Jess has to start kindergarten in September too, but she can go to the school Sean used to down the street from here.

Haven't heard from my son Jamie for awhile but I think that's because he owes both his dad and myself money! LOL. Whatevs.

OK gotta go. As you see, I didn't write anything exciting but that's because I'm all burned out from writing exciting fic! (LOL - no, just kidding - sort of.)

Don't bust my ladyballs. I just wanted to get back on here and write something!

Radio Shirebound is back on the air!

Aug. 14th, 2017 01:25 pm
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Wowee, I don't know where to start, except to say that I'm NEVER MOVING AGAIN. Never ever. The past weeks have been intense, but 7 days of 400-miles-a-day driving got us to New Jersey just hours before the moving van -- which had taken a different route across the country -- pulled up in front of the cute little house Shiremom and I will be renting from my brother. We've only really had time to unpack the essentials, stack up unopened boxes to go through as we find the time, find the supermarket, and introduce Pippin to the neighborhood. Pip goes wild every time she sees squirrels, a new experience for her! If she could climb the trees after them, she would. She'll have to make the transition from city dog to country dog in her own special way. She was such a good girl on the journey. I made the back seat as comfy as possible for her.

We've slept in the new house for the past few nights, and it seems to be a quiet neighborhood (except for a few barking dogs). My busy brother and sister-in-law have been able to help out more than I had anticipated, and one of my nieces and her fiance arrive in town today also for a visit. I need to get down to Philly to see my dad and bring him up here (about a 40-minute drive), and my "to do" list is still quite long. But.... the Big Move is done!

Shiremom is very very happy, but I'm too tired to be anything but relieved. I suspect that a quiet joy will fill me in the weeks to come when the craziness of the past months starts to ease.

It's been frustrating to be so out of touch with your lives (especially hard since halfway through the trip my computer broke). I'm limping along on Shiremom's 14-year-old laptop at the moment. I'll start reading my flists on Dreamwidth and LJ again starting tomorrow, but not backtracking. Please oh please point me toward any posts since July 30th that you'd like me to read!


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Aug. 13th, 2017 03:34 pm
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Hey there! I am done with the Ardor in August/Sultry in September story! Wootles. I am pleased with the final thing and ready to send it to my beta - the very talented [profile] aglarien1. I hope this has the right amount of angst that the requestor called for. They wanted angst and manipulation. So I hope I delivered on those two things.

The final word count of the final draft is - 3775. That is respectable. Not too short and not too long. Just right.

I am disgusted by what happened in Charlottesville, VA. It made me physically ill. That is all I will say on that. We need to get the white supremacists out of the administration.

Scroll and Quill-sample 1

I'm still alive!

Aug. 13th, 2017 08:48 am
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I'm back. Just finished my Slashy Santa story although it needs another read-through before I post it. I'm not that happy with it - it seemed a little flat when I read it last night - but it's done and that's the main thing. It was extremely difficult to write, partly because I have a bad writer's block right now, also the subject matter was a little cringe-y for me.

I have to catch up on EVERYTHING but mostly reading! I must find out what everyone has been up to in my absence.

Cheers for now. I'll be back. :)

Innumerable Stars 2017 Letter

Aug. 12th, 2017 05:05 pm
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Hello, dear Author/Artist!

Please don't feel completely bound to whatever prompts you find in this letter; whatever you come up with, I'm sure I will love!

In general, I love worldbuilding and character studies, and many of the relationships I've requested, I did so because they have the potential to be so delightfully complicated.

But What I Don't Want: No smut, incest, or really graphic violence (canon-typical is fine), or major character death, please. Canon-divergence AUs are fine, but nothing that takes it out of the canon world--no coffee shop AUs or whatever, in other words.

The Hobbit )

The Lord of the Rings )


The Silmarillion )

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This thing, which is technically a response to the SWG's "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" challenge (using the Smashing Pumpkins' song "Thirty-Three" that was in fact an Important Song to the nascent love story of Dawn and Bobby Felagund), got out of control because it was also inspired in myriad ways by the Mereth Aderthad, most obviously [personal profile] grundyscribbling's idea of the Feanorian Family Vacation and [personal profile] hrymfaxe's request for fail!sex. It ended up *gulp* 15,000 words, which probably means that just my hardcore readers will bother with it, but at least it was fun (if long!) to write. Here is the Official SummaryTM from the SWG archive:

Against Maedhros's wishes, Fingon is off to a summer retreat in the mountains, a retreat designed by the Valar for newly reembodied Elves. Amid games of kickball and group therapy, Fingon makes a friend, discovers the Noldor haven't actually invented everything, and begins to grasp the complexities of his post-reembodiment relationship with Maedhros. Maedhros/Fingon, set in my Republic of Tirion verse.

I am just posting it to the SWG for now: Swans. I will likely cross-post it later this weekend; preparing a 15K-word story for posting is tedious and I'm ready to be done with it for tonight!

I also finally created a series for these Fifth-Age stories I've been writing lately--Republic of Tirion--so they're all in one place and in order.


Aug. 9th, 2017 09:41 pm
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This is an osprey. They may not look big up in the sky, but when they swoop down from a low tree branch and startle the heck out of you when you're minding your own business in a kayak, they look bloody huge.

They are, however, not as big as bald eagles.

New life goal: do not be startled by bald eagle while in kayak.


Aug. 9th, 2017 09:29 pm
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Just dropping in with a couple of cat photos - Autumn perfecting her 'bored princess' look while Parker is delightfully high on catnip.

She's alive!

Aug. 8th, 2017 09:01 pm
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Hi, all. Just a brief post to let you know I'm still alive and kicking (barely). After seven straight days of waking Shiremom and Pippin at 5 a.m., hitting the road for a minimum of 400 miles of driving each day, and finding pet-friendly motels, we arrived wearily in New Jersey today. The movers arrive tomorrow morning with all our possessions, which is why I couldn't take the time for an easier or slower journey across the country. I am exhausted and overwhelmed beyond anything I ever imagined, looking towards about a month's worth of tasks and organizing before life will be anywhere near 'normal' again. Shiremom sprained her ankle and won't be able to help much, and my brother and his wife have incredibly busy lives, so it's all on me. We're at my brother's house tonight which is why I finally have internet access, but there's no internet at the new house yet. So I thought I'd better get this message out quickly! I appreciate all the good wishes and love and strength from my precious friends more than I can say. Sadly, I haven't been able to read any posts since the end of July, and I miss you all terribly. I'll be back online as soon as I possibly can!


Aug. 8th, 2017 08:20 pm
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I'm physically sick with anxiety for one, or both, of two reasons.

- finished and posted the questionable meta/shipping manifesto/essay/thing. Well, probably pretentious enough to count as an essay. 44 references on six pages, WTF. Also, provocative much. And probably offending the wrong people. Why did I ever think this was a good idea. Time for the usual "They're gonna kick me out of fandom" angst and much internal hand-wringing etc. The canatics are going to kill me anyway.

- got a call from the bossman from hell. More angst. Turns out they pretty urgently need someone competent to do the calendar of events. Everything has gotten better since last year except that clearly it hasn't. (Between the lines, masked between plenty of "his qualities lie elsewhere" and "the trainee is helping out but you need solid general knowledge to do it right", it appears that the rest of the team just aren't up to it. Well, it is taxing, and the things that were supposed to make it easier last year actually made it worse, which has probably not changed.) Well, I know I can do the job. It wasn't the fun part of working at the magazine but it wasn't the worst either. The question isn't even "do I want to do it?" (To which the answer is "meh, but I don't terribly mind", which is prbly good enough?) The question is "should I sell my soul to that particular devil again" and. I just don't know.


Reuben's Writing Challenge

Aug. 5th, 2017 11:23 pm
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 Reuben is back with a double writing challenge for you and invites you to  try either or both challenges.
Write a story of any length and include these 6 words
Post the story on your blog or favourite archive with a link to this post and this banner.
<a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/52734929@N08/35557110484/in/dateposted/" title="challenge"><img src="https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4381/35557110484_96b410276f_n.jpg" width="320" height="222" alt="challenge"></a>
Or, write a story inspired by this image.
<a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/52734929@N08/36255892031/in/photostream/" title="armour"><img src="https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4339/36255892031_95f2793f00_n.jpg" width="320" height="222" alt="armour"></a>
Please share and tell your friends about the challenge.

Adventures in adulting

Aug. 5th, 2017 01:43 pm
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Last night I smelled skunk.

This morning, before I got out of bed I smelled skunk.

As it turned out, that was because we had a juvenile skunk hanging around. He wanted to be friends with the cats. (The cats, not being stupid, were NOT interested.)

Despite skunks being nocturnal, this one was running around like a nut all morning and into lunchtime. (Before anyone worries, we're pretty sure it wasn't rabid - it was still wary of people. It was looking for food, looking for friends, and apparently really confused about how to get home.)

So I got out the Groundhog Deportation Program trap and an old flannel sheet I didn't mind sacrificing. I had only had the trap set up for maybe 5 minutes when it ran right in.

Less than an hour later, the skunk has been successfully relocated without me ending up smelling like skunk.

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Title: Into the deep
Artist: hrymfaxe
Genre: Fanart
Warnings: None
Characters: Ulmo/the sea

Prompt from the Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song Challenge at [community profile] silwritersguild: Ghost Love Score by Nightwish - and more specifically this part of the lyrics:

Scent of the sea before the waking of the world
Brings me to thee
Into the blue memory

Artist note: When I read those lyrics I was immediately reminded of this lovely story by [personal profile] pandemonium_213: Ulmo's Wife, and its wonderful mix of science (evolution) and the world of Tolkien, not to mention the relationship between Ulmo and The Sea. This is more like an illustration of Pandë's story than an original idea of mine, so credit goes to her along with my thanks for the inspiration.

Another idea employed here is that of the Valar being able to change their form, so Ulmo starts out man-shaped, but ends up as specks of light floating in the embrace of his lover.

Click here for image )

Progress ...

Aug. 5th, 2017 08:54 am
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But not enough on my story. It is getting close and I am not done. This is going to be a nail biter! Ahhh! It is my own fault. I have not had that much time to write this time with traveling and all that. Oh well. I will pull it out I hope. Hope all is well with you there! Scroll and Quill-sample 1


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