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July 2017 SWG Challenge Just an Old-Fashioned Love SongThis is a friendly reminder that if you'd like to collect a stamp for our current "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" challenge, you must have your story posted to the SWG archive on or before August 11, which is a little under a week away. This challenge requires participants to choose a love song from the list and use any part of it or its video as a prompt. Find the full challenge at the link above; if you're new to our challenges, you can find the full guidelines and FAQs here.

A few stories have already been posted. You can check out the "Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song" stories here, and if you like a piece, please consider commenting to let the author know.

Stamp Collection Update: I still have not updated stamp collections for the New Directions challenge. I apologize for the delay in doing so. BUT! I am beginning work on them now, so I hope they will be ready to go within the next couple of days. Thanks, everyone, for your patience; this kind of delay will not be the norm going forward but the unfortunate result of a rather chaotic summer.

Also, an important note about reviewer stamps: After today, I will be tracking reviews only for the Hero's Journey, New Directions, and Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song challenges. You can still receive stamps for any of the earlier challenges; just let me know if you review a story in those challenges, and I'll update your collection.


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