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SWG September 2017 Challenge Ancestors

As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of The Silmarillion and in honor of Grandparents' Day, this month's theme is Ancestors. For this month's challenge, create a fanwork in which a character's resemblance or connection to an ancestor plays a central role. This challenge is completely open, without prompts, although feel free to use the comments to ask for or suggest more specific prompt ideas if you want.

Since I held off on announcing the new challenge because of Silmarillion40, then the deadline will be extended this month. If you want your fanwork to receive a creator stamp, it will need to be posted to the archive (or our DW or LJ for formats other than writing and podfic) no later than October 12. As with the Song of Exile, if you are writing for Silmarillion40 and wish to use the Ancestors challenge in your Silmarillion40 entry, please just let me know when you send in your Silmarillion40 piece, and I will award you your stamp.

I also never posted a links list for last month's challenge, Song of Exile. (We'll blame Silmarillion40 again for that too. ;) Click below the cut for list of last month's challenge entries and please consider leaving a comment if you enjoy an author's work! Remember that stamps for review challenges never expire, so you can keep adding to your stamp collection by showing love to our challenge creators if you want. However, if you need a reviewer stamp for May's Hero's Journey Matryoshka challenge or earlier, please let me know in a comment or an email to moderator@silmarillionwritersguild.org.

As usual, links go to the Table of Contents, where you can view ratings, warnings, notes, and other meta-data on the the story.

After Gladden Fields by Kaylee Arafinwiel. The first Crown Prince of Arnor comes to Mandos.

Cutting Ties by Himring. Anarion, son of Elendil, on his way into exile.

Echoes by grey_gazania. Galwen encounters two figures from her past.

Exile by hennethgalad. Nerdanel looks back on her marriage as she watches the return of Finarfin with Anairë and Eärwen.

The Exiled and The Exiles by LadyBrooke. The Exiles are coming to Lórien, though Oropher and Amdír have been exiled for far longer than these Noldor.

I Know Better by Laerthel. In which Maitimo betrays Findekáno.

The Last Exile by Grundy. Celeborn had never properly understood exile before Galadriel sailed. He knows better now.

The Lucky One by grey_gazania. A young Nandorin woman is saved from death by Amras and taken in by his people. Part 1 of a series.

Survivor by Tyelca. A creature-something between Elf and Orc flees from the Shadow, only to realize the Shadow has been inside him all along.

Upon these shores by Lyra. The fate of Maglor, after he cast away the Silmaril, is pretty much open for speculation. Here are some glimpses at his adventures throughout human history, in no particular order. Newly added: Exiles. In the Roman province of Macedonia, two exiles meet.

A few more challenge entries were submitted for Silmarillion40 and will be posted on the archive on their reveal date, so watch this space for an update to the list next month!

Some final housekeeping ... I have not begun stamps yet for the Song of Exile challenge. Let's blame Silmarillion40 again for that, shall we? As I settle into the daily routine of the collection (and as the school year settles into a routine too), I will begin working on this. I appreciate everyone's patience these last few chaotic months!

If you're new to our challenges, you can find full guidelines--as well as past challenges--here.

Date: 2017-09-18 12:52 am (UTC)
heartofoshun: i made this (silmarillion)
From: [personal profile] heartofoshun
Wow! I love this one so much!! Can't wait to think of a story to write for it.

Date: 2017-09-22 05:42 pm (UTC)
kaja_lakoka: Because I love Quentin Tarantino (Django)
From: [personal profile] kaja_lakoka
How cool is that? :D I think I have a nifty idea for this challenge, but there's no way I can complete it on time. But who cares ;)


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